Our services

Whether you need business or personal insurance, we can help you to secure the right type of cover.

We are specialists in all types of insurance cover.

  • Your big contracts
  • Houseboats and lodges
  • Safari operators
  • Assets All Risks Cover
  • Farming insurance
  • Bonds & Guarantees
  • Short Term Cover
  • Medical insurance

Your big contracts

From roads to highways, office parks to shopping malls, residential homes to hotels, bridges to dams, and all contract works, our experienced team can advise how to cover your valued contract (including Contract Bonds and Guarantees, Public and Employers Liability).

Houseboats & Lodges

We cover houseboats as well as thatched risks, including safari lodges, tented camps and hotels.

Safari operators

Are you a safari operator needing cover for medical evacuation and hospital cover, with all cover placed locally? We have solutions.

We can advise on big game hunting contracts, vehicle passenger liability, public liability and more.

Protect your business

Avoid unnecessary worry about what the future might hold – we can offer Assets All Risks Cover for all aspects of your business.

Farming insurance

We can offer Farmers Comprehensive cover, including cover for Farm Machinery, buildings, crops, motor vehicles and more.

Bonds & Guarantees

We can place cover on Bonds including:

  • Advanced Payment Bonds,
  • Agent’s Bonds,Bid Bonds,
  • Contractor’s Bonds,
  • Customs & Excise Bonds,
  • Railway Sliding Bonds,
  • Performance / Surety Bonds,
  • Retention Bonds and Warehouse Bonds

Short Term Cover

Insurance solutions for  your personal assets, including Home comprehensive, Household contents, Marine Hull, Private Motor Policies.

Medical insurance

We have a dedicated broking team to advise on medical insurance options.